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Welcome to Sara’s world- A place of confusion and sudden change- Strangers can become friends in a matter of seconds. Enemies you didn’t even know you had will be ready to kill you on sight. You will travel to places that aren’t listed on any map- with atmospheres that could kill you. And you and your friends possess powers that only exist in comic books. Meet Sara, James and Thomas- orphans with amazing abilities. Sara has the power to control water and eventually weather itself, Thomas the ability to move things with his mind and eventually create things from using elements in the atmosphere, and James- who has the ability to hypnotize people and other creatures to do what his tells them to. Together- this group of children form the first circle of power called the Moon circle- all share a distinct crescent moon shaped mark on their left hands which become visible when they are in close proximity to each other. Along with the appearance of- this formerly unseen mark- there is also the instant knowledge of each other’s lives before they met. The experiences of a lives lived apart blend together- James and Thomas instantly know how miserable Sara’s home life was- because they draw it from her memories, and she sees how great theirs was- She is both happy and envious of their good fortune. All three children are orphans from totally different worlds- pulled together to fight an evil entity in a battle that existed long before they were born. Their roles decided for them without asking- out of necessity for survival of several worlds- they didn’t even know existed. They are given no choice of refusing, no running from the responsibility they are given. The only choice they do have is to fight to stay alive long enough to grow up. And growing up is something that happens far too fast when you’re fighting monsters.


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