Alice- The Sara Chronicles- Action Packed Book

Alice from The Sara Chronicles- Action Packed Book
Alice is the first member of the Star Circle to be introduced in the series. She meets Sara long before she meets her Circle mates and they quickly become friends. Sara is Alice’s first true friend because, while Alice was raised by a loving adoptive parent, she was also the victim of intense bullying at school. Alice has an unfortunate nervous stutter which brings attention to her in the worst way. Alice also had discovered her gift before she was brought to the Land of the Keepers; she can become invisible, disappearing from the horrible reality of daily abuse by her classmates. Like her Circle member Finola, Alice was abducted from an ordinary plane of existence on Earth by the Garren but was quickly rescued by Sara and her guardian Rianna. As time goes on, Alice soon learns she can use her power of invisibility to extend a protective shield over her allies and move her group through several dimensional barriers. It is this last gift that brings most of the risks with it. As she moves through dimensions, Alice attracts the attention of deceased people and things that have never been alive, but desperately want to be and will do anything to use her as a way into the living worlds. Follow her incredible life as it unfolds, watch bonds form and gifts grow.

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