Book 3 The Sara Chronicles-Fantasy Fiction

Shocked by the sudden appearance of the stranger, Sara scrambled backwards, throwing up a protective barrier of frozen seawater. It was hard to see him now, she leaned forward trying to make out his form through the thick blue mass of ice surrounding her. She could barely see him as he continued to stare in her direction. It was probably hard for him to see her also, since in addition to the water, she seemed to have frozen several varieties of fish, jellyfish, and seaweed. Dipping her head slightly, she tried to look past a bright blue fish with feathery looking fins- now all stiff and brittle, stilled by its sudden deep freeze.
She could see that he was a tall man, but who wasn’t tall in this place, except maybe Finola. Tears formed in her eyes as the thought of the girl reminded her that she had just lost Rianna. She couldn’t be gone; reaching out with her mind, she sought the trail to her guardian. Her search was met with silence. There was no response, no trace of Rianna appeared, not even the familiar mental trail. Funny thing was, she could no longer feel Braccus in her mind either, and she could not imagine that he could be so easily removed. Fighting back tears, Sara tried to regain control of her feelings and not give in to despair.
Rubbing her hand across her eyes, she sat up straighter. Braccus was still out there, and where he was, Rianna must also be. It was only a matter of time before she encountered them again, and when she did, she would find a way to free her guardian. She had to believe this was true because it gave her hope, and she needed that desperately right now. Pushing aside any thought of failure, she sat up straighter and focused on the issue at hand, the stranger standing in front of her.
The man shifted and leaned to the side-attempting to see past a large clump of brown seaweed that hung almost directly above her head. “I mean you no harm,” he called to her in a slow saccharine sweet voice. She felt a pressure in her head, followed by an irritating buzz. That jerk was trying to give her a mental suggestion to lower her shield!
With a wave of her hand, she sent him flying backwards. Leaving a deep trench in the sand to show his progress. He finally landed on his butt with a pile of sand behind him. Several sand crabs ran over his legs followed by a bright green lizard that slithered across his shirt and back to the ground in a hasty escape.
“Look I was just trying to see you better!” He cried, raising his hands to placate her.
“I would think you had a pretty good look at me earlier,” Bracing her hand on the ground, she rose to a standing position and moved closer to the water wall to peer curiously back at him. “Who are you?”
“My name is Salius, I…”
“I know who you are. Where’s your boss?” Impatiently, she unfroze the water long enough to shift two large jellyfish out of her range of vision. She felt a force push at the water a second before she refroze it. She rewarded his efforts with a flash of lightning aimed directly at his feet. Smiling in satisfaction when he threw himself over a pile of sand and cowered behind it.

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