Book 4 Sara Chronicles Fantasy Adventures

James reached for Sara, trying to take her in his arms and give her warmth and comfort, only to receive several sharp slaps to his face and torso. Enraged and grief stricken, she took all her anger out on him. Kicking and screaming, she pulled herself away, hands scrapped and raw as they hit the frozen ground. Stunned, he sat on the ground and watched her, heart breaking both for her, and the loss of a person who had been such a huge part of his life. He had fought side by side with Thomas, had shared his lonely boyhood with him from the first moment they saw each other; knew how he felt about Sara the entire time she had been asleep. The shame of his desertion of both his close friends during that time would always be a raw wound in his heart. He felt Thomas’s pain as he struggled with Braccus. When he would have joined with him to give support, he was pushed out of his mind. He sat still for a moment, numb from head to his feet and simply watched Sara, unsure of what to say or do next.
“How could you have left him there,” She shrieked, struggling to stand on the icy brown rocks surrounded by drifts of snow. “He should have left with us. You could have helped me; we could have saved him together!”
Turning a complete three hundred sixty degrees, she scanned the air around them looking for a portal. When she failed to see one, she reached out with her mind, trying to recreate the power surge that had brought it originally. “Help me reopen it,” She demanded, reaching for his hand. He started to comply with her wishes. His hand stopped midway in route to hers when strong voice whispered harshly in his head, No!
Pulling his hand back as if burned, he spoke, “Sara, we couldn’t stay there. If the original Keepers had arrived at the same time, something bad would have happened. We weren’t supposed to be there when they arrived; the portal would have closed and trapped us there. Do you think I wanted to leave Thomas behind? He’s part of my soul too. We share the same memories; I know how much pain he is in right now. I could only save one of my friends and I did what he wanted, I saved you,” His voice cracked as he said this last part, shuffling his feet on the slippery surface to stand next to her. Trying to steady himself and make eye contact at the same time was difficult, yet he tried. His face was etched in grief, brows drawn down, frost coating his eyebrows, mustache and goatee, skin covered in a thin sheet of icy sweat. He couldn’t take this much longer; she was staring at him right now as if he had just punched her in the face. Eyebrows raised, mouth open in disbelief at what he had just said.
“We can’t go back,” He said softly, opening his mind to her, sharing his grief with her and the awareness they both had that rescuing Thomas was not possible right now. She saw the truth of his thoughts and walked slowly back towards him looking very much like a lost child, her approach hesitant and remorseful.

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