Drogs-How greed destroys people- Fast Paced Action

The Drogs examples of how greed destroys people- The Sara Chronicles Fast paced action books
Drogs were once happy and creative creatures who mined the undergrounds areas. The Drogs were Iam’s subjects and gladly made things of great beauty for him and his other valued creations. While the struggle for power, went once again in the favor of evil as it did every hundred years or so, the Drogs found they were not as protected as they had been in the past. In previous battles they had been hidden below the surface, not required to fight but this time they were asked to defend Iam’s worlds. They had become so obsessed with the beautiful objects they made that they made that they refused to leave them and do as Iam asked. Instead of showing loyalty to their maker, they made a deal with Braccus to protect the underground areas and keep their pretty things. Unfortunately for the Drogs who gave up their souls, Braccus had no intention of keeping his promises and the Drogs were to remain Braccus’s slaves for their entire lives and beyond. Braccus kept their bodies together beyond death, trapping their souls in the rotting shells. They had stayed in these forms in agony until they dissolved into dust and there was just one left. Haldor.

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