Excerpt Book 1- The Sara Chronicles Fantasy-Adventure

Excerpt Book 1 The Sara Chronicles Fantasy-Adventure
Into every life-some trouble must come- but what happens when trouble is all you know and learning to survive is just a matter of routine? This is the beginning of a story in which struggle builds character and love is something that has to be woken after a long sleep…… And so- this is Sara’s story
Someone had made a terrible mistake twelve years ago, placing a homeless child in the care of Janet and Hugh Finklestein. This child’s life was proof that a higher power does indeed look out for the helpless innocents of this world. Small and helpless- this tender life was entrusted to callus, heartless souls who cared for her with less effort than they might expend for a family pet. Though the Finklestein’s were wealthy by the standards of the day- this child didn’t benefit from their wealth- her life was one of poverty under their luxurious roof. They didn’t extend much effort or money to make life pleasant for this small child- she wasn’t really theirs after all. And yet, despite the neglect- the misplaced orphan never got sick or starved- continuing to grow and thrive as if nourishment and care were provided from somewhere deep within. Whatever her fortification was-it kept her alive, even among hostile housemates who weren’t sure what to call her. They hadn’t even bothered to give her a name- in fact- calling her only it for the first few months she was with them. But their names for her weren’t really necessary-she came with her own- preprogrammed into her soul with an understanding that she would know it when she needed to. In fact, she told them to call her Sara when she was able speak, frightening them with the certainty of her own identity. At some point in their relationship both they and she knew little about the reason for her being with them beyond their duty to see that she be kept alive. But being alive was far different than being happy, loved and secure in a continued existence. But little did she know- the Finklestein’s were afraid to let her die- not for reasons the average person might understand- they were truly afraid to go that final step and let her expire altogether. It was more of a self-preserving impulse than a moral or ethical one, she was aware of it and so where they. For whatever reason- her survival- as miserable as it was- was necessary for their own.
That Sara grew to be a remarkable young girl, despite the minimal attention given to her care, was a downright miracle. She was a well-mannered, sweet child, well thought of by all who knew her. But the trouble was no one really knew her. Self-contained and unreachable for her own protection – Sara occupied space in a world of terrifying strangers.

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