Excerpt Book 3- The Calling Back- Exciting stories

Excerpt Book 3- The Calling Back(Formerly The Return) exciting stories
Thomas rose from his chair, turning from Sara’s sleeping form to greet her guardian as she entered to perform the daily task of caring for her beloved adopted daughter. Time and grief had aged Rianna’s lovely features. She had never gotten over the fact that she hadn’t been able to protect Sara from Braccus’s spell. He walked over and hugged her tightly- sharing the pain of their beloved girl’s suffering. Gently patting her cheek- he turned his back as Rianna used her mind control to raise Sara’s body from the bed. The comatose girl began to walk around the room- her arms and legs moving as if puled by strings- muscles moving on commands issued by Rianna. Thomas had watched Sara exercise and eat as a brainless husk many times over the years until he learned to make himself absent in order to maintain his sanity. He grasped the door behind him- mourning the loss of someone who hadn’t yet died.

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