Excerpt Book 4 The Sara Chronicles-Action packed Adventures

Excerpt Book 4 The Sara Chronicles – Action packed adventures

They walked in silence for a few miles. Sara had tried unsuccessfully to transport them to the location she had seen in her head. She was sure she should be able to do this but, the power to do so proved evasive; maybe it was because she was near the spirit she had received it from. She moved on, resisting a strong urge to reach out and reconnect with Shalsar. Her Guiding Spirit had been one of the few constant things in her life. She missed her so much. When she’d disappeared, she’d left a big empty achy spot in her heart. Her mind drifted to thoughts of another loss. Images of Rianna formed in her mind, memories that she buried, not willing to share her loss with Thomas and James; it was still too fresh, the outcome too uncertain.
Switching her train of thought to keep from doing something irreversibly stupid, Sara reached out to the earth, looking for signs of the one that had been here before them, the thing that killed and corrupted quietly before destroying all evidence of its presence. Well, almost all evidence. She had seen what was not meant to be seen when the original Keepers arrived, all sign of the visit would be gone. The Keepers would arrive with the false impression that all was well, that they were safe. But they weren’t, even at the beginning of this world evil existed; she could detect its lingering residue.

She could feel fear and disdain hanging in the air, the trail of power faint and restrained; the owner of this power wanted her to be aware that it was here. Whoever it was knew that they were not Keepers and not created for this place, but did not know who, or what they were. It slinked around the edge of the woods, watching carefully but ready to depart quickly if it looked like they might be a threat. But It was too curious to leave, so it stayed at a distance and continued to observe. The pressure in the air was intense, like fingers pressing against their skin. Unseen eyes followed their every move. They were being studied, three giant lab rats entering a testing area; each action monitored by an invisible spectator, every word uttered absorbed by the air around them as if being gathered for examination later.

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