Franklin-boy who plays with fire- Fantasy Fiction

The boy who plays with fire- Franklin- The Sara Chronicles- Fantasy Fiction

Franklin has the ability to set fire to things, he discovered this gift shortly before he was abducted by the Garren. The difference between him and the others that were taken, is that he was with them longer. The Garren were able to convince him that the Keepers were responsible for all the bad things that had happened to him. The only person he initially trusted was Robert, the man who rescued him from the Garren. It took him awhile to change his opinion of the Keepers, especially Sara. His relationship with Sara was a difficult one from the start, especially since he set her pants on fire. Gradually, they overcame their differences and became very close. Franklin draws his strength from the center of the planet and projects it outward to protect himself and others. Franklin is the last member of the Star Circle and as he gets older contributes a lot to them with his ever-growing gift.

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