The Garren-Soul-less enemy The Sara Chronicles- Action Packed Novel

The Garren Soul-less enemy from The Sara Chronicles- Action-Packed Novels
The Garren were one of Braccus’s first creations. In his attempts to be a giver of life just like Iam, Braccus began to make creatures of his own. The problem with all his creations is that they have no soul, living only to serve their leader without the hindrance of a conscience or those messy feelings that go along with it. The Garren are effective killers, moving ruthlessly against their victims, not stopping until their objective has been achieved. Funny thing happened in the beginning of the series though, some Garren were given the chance to serve Iam; those that agreed they were given a soul, those that did not ran and hid, learning the only emotion they ever possessed- hate. What they hate most of all is Sara and the Keepers- her death is something they eagerly pursue.

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