Gnafs-Ugly enemies from Sara Chronicles-Adventure Stories

The Gnafs- Ugly enemies from The Sara Chronicles Adventure Stories
The Gnafs are occupying the world of Relgar. These species kept Randall captive in Book three of the series. The Gnafs are not very attractive with slick gray skin and black holes for eyes and mouth. They cannot communicate out loud but the gifted Keepers could hear them clearly in their minds. The Gnafs have brittle joints which cause their arms, legs and necks to break off easily in battle but the limbs have the unique ability to re-attach themselves to the body. Unfortunately, the re-attachment process is random- the body the limbs seek is not always the one it came from and the spots the attachment occurs is not where the pieces belong. It is common to see a Gnaf with a knee attached to an arm and a leg to a neck giving them an awkward appearance. Despite this phenomenon, the Gnafs are able to move surprisingly fast. These creatures are incredibly strong making them a fierce enemy in battle. The Keepers have a difficult time rescuing Randall from them and escaping their world.

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