What happens when trust is lost? Sara Chronicles book 4- Thrilling action

What happens when trust is lost: The Sara Chronicles Book 4- Thrilling Action

It wasn’t until the conversation began in Oie’s office that Randall and the other young people began to sense that the Keepers were not being quite honest with them. They had started the discussion by announcing the evacuation plan for the rest of the villagers; assignments were made for moving each group as quickly as possible. As the conversation progressed it seemed that the Keepers were distancing themselves more, and more from the activities. Each assignment given to the trainees had them further from their guardians. No mention was made of the Keepers role in the fortification of the island. It was as if they were pulling out of the action, abandoning the very people they had sworn to protect. These men knew something about what was going to happen in the upcoming struggle and weren’t planning on being part of it.
Finola and the other trainees listened with growing trepidation; it felt like every word the Keepers uttered was a series of double talking lies. Threads of doubt ran through their minds, stewing and broiling, stirred up by a strange wind blowing in from the open window. Unfriendly forces built on suspicions planted by Thomas, feeding the fire of fear and betrayal.
Tension was growing in the air as the two sets of freedom fighters faced each other across Olie’s office. They had been transported here an hour ago to formulate a plan of defense and discuss the need to complete the Circles. Now the unthinkable was happening, Olie, Ferd and Robert, having been alerted to Randall’s incredible strong mental guards, began to scan the others, and found them to be equally protected. All sense of unity between the two generations of Keepers was gone and they faced each other with guarded suspicion. The conversation stopped, pretense was no longer necessary, both sides aware of the growing distrust between them.
“What’s going on here,” Olie asked after giving each of his former charges a long searching look. He had tried to probe into each of their young minds and found them to be protected with a very sophisticated series of mind guards. He knew they had not learned this technique from him or his people, and he couldn’t understand why they thought they needed to do this now. He did not like the way they stood, every gesture short and choppy, arms pulled close into their bodies as if ready to attack or defend themselves at any second. The last thing Olie wanted to do at this minute was engage in a battle with his own students.
“Why don’t you tell us,” Eric spoke up, after sensing that Franklin and Finola were too broken up about going against their teachers to ask. They had spent more time with these men then he and Randall had, and were more attached; this was hard for them. Eric, like his companion, had not yet developed a bond with them so he felt comfortable with this line of questioning. He wasn’t afraid of hurting their feelings, but glancing over at Finola, was sorry that he had to put voice to the doubts in the air around them. Yet, it had to be said.
Robert move forward, arms raised in front of him in a placating manner. He flinched when the four youngsters moved back, raising their arms in turn, ready to unleash their powers against him, Olie and Ferd. The trust was gone for some reason, this situation was getting out of control. He looked at Franklin beseechingly, this young man had always been close to him, even after he had overcome his initial distrust of the Keepers and gone back to his father’s house. He had always known what he was thinking even when he shut himself off from the others, that is, until now.
Franklin stared at him, hurt and distrust showing in his face as he backed away, bumping into the wall behind him to knock a row of books off a shelf there. He, like the others, had sensed that all was not right here. Things were being hidden from them. He had agreed to take the precautions Thomas had urged him to, hoping all the while that he was wrong. He told himself that it could not hurt to have the safeguards ready. If they felt safe, they could always drop them and apologize later. But the air of deceit was so strong here that it set his inner senses screaming and felt his eyes burn with anger and hurt.
Finola followed Franklin in his retreat; her furtive actions made Olie’s mouth dry and heart beat so rapidly he was sure it could be seen pounding in his chest. These two had known him for four years, he had seen them grow and learn. He had celebrated their birthdays, comforted them when they were hurt, risked his life to protect them, now they were treating him as if he were the enemy. Not bothering to hide his distress, he turned toward Franklin and spoke.
“What do you think you know?” He asked Franklin. It was obvious that the young man had gotten an idea that the Keepers were a threat and he hadn’t come up with it on his own.
“That you are hiding something from us and that something could put us all in a lot of danger, maybe more than we are in right now.” Franklin answered with a wavering voice. His tone suggested that he was hoping for a reasonable explanation from Olie, something that would end this standoff and make them all friendly again. His eyes pleaded with him to make this happen, unfortunately, Olie wasn’t able to do that.
Olie saw through this statement, there was something he hadn’t said yet. He was scared to finish his thought, whoever his informant had been, he trusted them too and didn’t want to give away too much of his confidence. This person had to be incredibly close, someone he thought of as highly as he did the Keepers.
“This is about the last two, isn’t it?” He asked quietly, decoding the protective spell Franklin had put up and slipping through. His aura surrounded Franklin before he had time to throw up an additional barrier. He was rewarded with a vision of affirmation, before he was thrown back out. Franklin hadn’t been fast enough, he had seen enough to scare him to death. If this person was contacting them in this way, then he wasn’t with her and he was in danger. The course of this mission had changed and it was going in the direction he had hoped it would not. By keeping them together he had tried to change Iam’s original plan. He was a fool for even trying.
There were several possible paths to Braccus’s defeat, he had been told that, and had tried to manipulate the course by keeping Thomas and Sara together; their strength was in each other. Obviously other forces were pushing for the alternate outcome and would do everything they could to see that it was accomplished. They were all being used, pulled apart by distrust and half truths. He wanted to tell them that it didn’t have to be this way, nothing was set in stone and there were still many possible solutions. There was one fact he couldn’t, wouldn’t hide from them. Not sure how much Thomas he told them, he had no choice but to bring it out in the open.
“He told you she has to die to fulfill her mission, didn’t he?” Olie’s question shattered the tense silence that surrounded the group before he and his companions were pushed back by a roaring wall of flame. Franklin had used his powers to create a diversion while he and his friends ran for the portal they were told would be there. Fueled by fear, the four trainees disappeared into a soupy amber light before Olie could explain his startling statement.

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