Iam The Creator-The Sara Chronicles Action-fantasy series

Iam is the creator of the seven worlds. He has always existed but his origins are a mystery. His first creations were the Artregeans- his trusted protectors, then the Keepers, next the animals that graced the surface lands and finally the living beings we all know as ordinary humans. Iam also created Braccus, who was for a brief moment in time, the brightest soul of them all. But Braccus was evil, prideful and refused to accept the Iam was his creator. What followed was rebellion and thousands of years of intense struggle for control of all seven worlds. Good versus evil, with one side being dominant for a time until the other side gained power and regained control. Back and forth it went for ages but the battles cannot go on forever and Iam will not tolerate his people’s suffering. It is written that there will be one final battle, the battle to end all battles, in which one side must fail. Braccus faces banishment from the worlds if he loses and he doesn’t intend to let this happen.

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