The Keepers Explained- Sara Chronicles-Fantasy Book Series

The Keepers explained-Sara Chronicles- Fantasy Book Series
The Keepers were created by Iam. Long before the worlds were formed. They soared through the heavens in spirit form until one day they were sent down to the earth to provide for Iam’s other great creations- humanity. Some of the oldest Keepers are Olie who was created second after Braccus. Next came Rianna, Maggie and Ferd. Each Keeper has many powers all designed to protect and provide for the human race. Some powers are specialized depending on who they were helping and where- the oldest have a combination of all gifts. The Keepers move among Iam’s earthly creations unknown to many of them. The only place they dwell openly is on an island called the Land of the Keepers. It is Olie’s home as well as the home of several humans. Olie leads the Keepers throughout history as they struggle to keep the balance in the favor of good. While they are aware that evil exists, and the power line shifts in its control from time to time- they are always there to make sure Iam’s creations live and thrive.

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