Rescuing a future friend- Introduction of the Kreel-Evolution of Us Adventure

Rescuing a future friend-introduction of the Kreel- Evolution of Us- Adventure

Rianna took hold of Sara’s arm and pulled her into the shelter of some trees to the side of the path. The wind was not blowing at all in this area. Sara looked out toward the path and saw to her dismay that the wind had picked up even more. It was now blowing so fiercely that she could barely see the path. There were little dirt tornados blowing in all directions, tearing small trees from the edge of the path.
“Can you stop it?” Rianna asked, her brows drawing together in concern as she watched the growing windstorm.
“I don’t know. I’ll try,” Sara said, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. She focused her attention on the whirling dirt devils and called upon Shalsar to help her calm them down. It seemed like an eternity, but it was more like twenty minutes, when gradually the wind began to die down and the air was calm again.
Sobbing, Sara turned to Rianna and hugged her fiercely. She pulled back suddenly when she heard Fizzy howl in protest at being mashed between them.
“Why is this still happening!” she cried. “I said I was sorry about the pranks. I stopped them, and I haven’t done anything bad with my powers lately.” She sat down on the soft, springy grass at the edge of the road and carefully put Fizzy down next to her. Pulling her knees up to her chin, she looked glumly out onto the empty path as the flow of tears continued to run down her face.
“I don’t know why this is happening,” Rianna said, sitting down next to her. “I am sure that Olie will help us find a solution to this problem, and I don’t know if you noticed, but it didn’t take that long to get the storm under control this time. Maybe that’s a sign that this will get better soon. I do know that it is not a coincidence that we had to return here just about the time that the Garren are becoming active again. We must be on our guard. They will be looking for us, for surely they are aware that we are here now.” Rianna had just finished speaking when they were startled by a loud rustling in the woods behind them, followed by cries of “Help!”
They rose hurriedly and ran to the area they heard the cries coming from. It wasn’t too long before the cries grew louder. Rianna put a restraining hand on Sara’s arm as they neared the spot of a desperate struggle.
They could see a teenage girl with dark brown hair standing with her back to a tree. Standing around her was a group of some of the strangest-looking creatures Sara had ever seen. The closest comparison she could think of was large spider monkeys. They looked a lot like those wiry little animals, with their long, hairy limbs and little apple-shaped faces. These creatures were wearing clothes, however, the hair on their arms was thinner, and they walked upright rather well. They were about the size of your average five-year-old, standing about three feet tall. Their faces had a look of evil intelligence, which was startling to see on their little withered faces. They circled around the girl making rude snorting noises and mocking her. Sara could hear them as she and Rianna crept closer.
“Talk to us why don’t you,” they squeaked in whiny, high-pitched voices. “You know you w-w-w-want to. Go on, sp-p-p-peak up. We hear you h-h-h-ave a wonderful way of expressing yourself. W-w-w-hat is it they call you at school? Annoying Alice? No, wait, Aggravating Alice.”
They jumped toward her, repeatedly scratching her arm lightly with their sharp claws, just enough to leave a small red mark. “You might as well face it,” they started again. “No one likes you, no one cares that you are gone. If you just listen to us and come without a fuss, we will be very nice to you. You will fit in with us. We will show you how to get even with all of those horrible people who treated you so badly.”
They circled the girl on all sides, acting in turns threatening and then pleading. The girl stood with her back pushed into the tree trunk, a look of fear on her face as she swung a small tree branch in front of her to ward of the limber little creatures.
“That is quite enough!” Rianna said quite loudly, now that they were a few feet behind the horrible beasts. “You Kreels should have stayed in your section of the cursed forest. Leave that child alone!”
So saying, she lifted her arms and smoke began to form along the hairy arms of the Kreel closest to Alice.
They shrieked and fell backward, slapping ineffectively at their smoldering hair. The group closest to Rianna leaped at her in a rage, and Sara raised her arms without thinking and directed them toward the approaching throng. Bolts of lightning descended from the sky directly in front of them, effectively halting their attack. The entire group pulled back and fled rapidly in the opposite direction. They left so fast they were pushing and trampling each other to be the first to get out of the forest.
Rianna and Sara rushed toward the terrified girl. The three of them huddled together in a group hug, clinging tightly to each other in relief at having gotten rid of the horrid group. A warm tingle spread through the group, and Sara was startled to see that an orange glow spread around them as they stood there. When she looked down at Alice’s arm she saw the red welts that had been there a short time ago were quickly disappearing.
Sara abruptly let go of the other two and found Alice and Rianna looking at her curiously.
“Did you feel that?” she asked them as she pointed to Alice’s arm. “And did you see what just happened?”
Alice held up her arm and studied it closely, gasping as she noticed that the red marks were no longer there. “Who are you? And h-h-how d-d-did you d-d-d-do that thing with the l-l-l-lightning?” she asked, a look of wonder crossing her face. She backed up a little as if unsure whether to be ready for a quick escape. What had been intense relief at being rescued was now turning into doubt and the need for self-preservation. She looked back at the path, prepared to run for it if she needed to.

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