Rianna-keeper-heroine from adventure story

My name is Rianna- I was one of the first Keepers created by Iam to care for the simple beings he placed on the worlds below him. Long before I was given a body- I and my fellow Keepers existed as free floating spirits in the wonderful and magical afterworld with our creator- learning what was expected of us in our role as caregivers. When the time came for us to descend to the surface of the planet we had watched being made- we did so with joy and anticipation of the great things we would do. We walked among ordinary men- blending in among them like we were one of them- intervening only at times of absolute necessity for the good of those less powerful than us. I was a content loyal follower- doing what I was told- until the day I met her. Sara- this one beautiful, sad soul who needed me more than any other person- and I knew I would do anything to save her- even if it meant breaking all the rules I’d sworn to uphold. Heroine from Adventure story

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