Sara Chronicles 5- Action Packed series

The originals get some help- Sara Chronicles 5-Action packed series

Milo had found the way out. Drawing on the ugliness he remembered from his former life, he was able to see the doorway. It was hazy and very hard to make out, but memories of his darker side began to filter in, and the doorway grew sharper and more distinct as he concentrated on it. It was just the very place that souls as good as the Keepers would be unable to pass through unaided. In fact, it had been hard for them to get close to the exit without Milo’s assistance; it hurt them to feel all the ugliness of those that had passed through before them. It hurt Milo too, but he was determined to find what he needed within himself to make this work.
Anger and hatred hung in the air around the exit, left behind like the foul stench of a garbage dump site. It made them gag, but they had do go through somehow. Milo himself was having a hard time dealing with all the negative emotions that had once defined what he was, but he pushed on anyway. These souls had not been intended to leave the afterlife, but they were challenging that rule; stretching the limit of Iam’s patience in order to reach out to the people they loved.
They would pay for their disobedience. If they crossed through this door they would be doomed to roam the ruined worlds without rest. They could not return to Iam’s land and they couldn’t go back to the place they created either. Love’s patience could only be stretched so far. They understood this and were willing to accept the terms of their escape.
Following Milo, they passed through the door without looking back. It was difficult; they felt like pieces of rope being stretched beyond the breaking point. They moved on, pushing past their uncomfortable feelings. Taking on a misty appearance, visible one minute and invisible the next, the originals raced to do what they could to affect the worlds once again. Moving into the darkened doorway had made them feel wasted and joyless as if they had never been the first of Iam’s perfect souls.
The group flew past corridors that glowed so brightly it hurt their eyes. The light came from places beyond the worlds that Iam had created in the solid reality of the living; alternate dimensions in which all his imaginings came into being. These were places that evil would never be allowed to enter and it hurt to see them knowing they too would be denied entry into the beyond. They would remain creatures of light, but they were now tainted and unworthy of these perfect places. It was to the darkness they were now drawn and that’s where they would stay to help the living.
There were other doorways visible too, entrances that showed the ruined worlds up close. It was horrible to see so clearly what they had been watching from above for a while now. Braccus’s troops had been busy reorganizing the surface to suit their needs. Along the debris littered landscape several hulking structures had gone up like acne on the formerly beautiful surfaces that Iam had created. There was nothing left topside of Iam’s handiwork, all had been laid to waste and replaced with constructions made of what appeared to be human and animal bones set into charred wood and stone.

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